Chinese Gamer

Chinese Gamer Corporation, the leading Online Game R&D company, was established in 2000, and has launched many popular online game in Taiwan, such as "Jing-Yong Online", "Huang-Yi Online", "Kong Fu Online" and "Chinese Hero Online". As a professional online game company in Taiwan, we consistently stay updated with the latest trends and engage in technology exchanges with professional organizations. Our focus is not only on advancing our technological capabilities but also on ensuring our R&D employees continuously learn new technologies to face different challenges. We believe that online game R&D is not just about information technology; it is also an extension of the entertainment industry. We look forward to preserving Chinese culture through online game interactions and spreading Chinese culture worldwide via the internet.

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GameFlier International Corp, established in 2002, has been deeply involved in player management, collaborating with global game publishers, and primarily focusing on operating and marketing high-quality games over the years.

We has previously operated hundreds of online games, mobile games, web games, HTML5, and various other types of gaming products, such as "Ragnarok Online", "Tian Long Ba Bu Online", "Perfect World 2 Online", "Nobunaga's Ambition Online", "Shushan Online", "GuJian Online", "One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes", "The Legend of Three Kingdoms M", "White Chord". We will continue to offer players diverse and enriching gaming experiences while providing game developers with enhanced and more professional gaming operating services.

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Game First

Game First International Corp., established in 2005, posseses international perspective and multilingual capabilities to offer comprehensive game integration marketing services, which includes game localization, marketing planning, community management, and more.

In the past, the company served as the agent for Blizzard Entertainment's online game, "World of Warcraft," and provided sales and digital points top-up cooperation for game titles such as "StarCraft II," "Diablo III," and "Overwatch."

However, the company boasts a customer service team with extensive experience in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Korean, and Thai. They also plan and execute physical events such as game trials, player meetups, and e-sports competitions, assisting global partners in introducing high-quality games and establishing excellent player services.

Committed to professionalism and innovation, Game First continuously expands its business scope. We remain dedicated to providing international gaming partners with outstanding and comprehensive services, along with localized operational solutions, to create even greater value.

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Zealot Digital International Corp., with more than 20 years of experience in game art design, excels in various styles, encompassing Japanese, Korean, Western, realistic, and cartoon aesthetics.

We strive for high-quality creative art outcomes, offering expertise in 2D/3D characters, scenes, character motion, FX special effects, and GUI interface. We have actively participated in the development of mobile games, online games, and PC games, including titles such as "The Legend of Pili", "Daolong Online", "Pili Shen Zhou", "Gulong Heroes Online", "Flame Dragon", and "Kalpa of Universe".

Zealot has collaborated closely with leading game companies from Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan, producing professional game art pieces.

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Myserver Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Soft-World Group, possesses significant resources in Taiwan's digital content industry and is committed to emerging as the foremost support for game companies.

Myserver offers a range of secure and convenient back-end services, including IDC computer room rental and services, cloud services, CDN services, and more, addressing all the needs of its clients.

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EFUN International Corporation (EFUN), a digital advertising and multimedia production subsidiary of the Soft-World Group, houses specialized teams in advertising planning, visual design, and big data applications.

Our digital advertising campaign managers, officially certified by major global media platforms such as Facebook, LINE, and Google, deliver comprehensive online advertising and integrated marketing services. Moreover, our big data applications leverage AI in developing our proprietary marketing tool, Ad Hero, capable of analyzing the ad delivery process, encompassing strategy planning, visual design, and maximizing campaign results.

EFUN’s adept teams possess the capability to craft tailored advertisements across a diverse array of formats, including but not limited to videos, images, H5, and more. This enables us to offer clients innovative solutions and deliver the best advertising outcomes, meeting their needs with our creative expertise.

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Neweb Technologies Co., Ltd., at the forefront of fintech in Taiwan, is dedicated to providing a third-party payment service, Newebpay, which caters to the needs of both consumers and merchants. The service facilitates multi-payment collection for our clients, such as credit cards, ATM transfers, LINE Pay, and more.

We have collaborated with tens of thousands of online and offline businesses in Taiwan, and our partnership has seamlessly integrated into various aspects of our daily lives. It includes online shopping, enrolling in online courses, making live broadcast donations, recharging game credits, and participating in offline activities such as going to gyms, visiting night markets, or parking on the roadside.

Our commitment is to provide secure and convenient payment services. To fulfill this commitment, we have obtained the PCI-DSS 3.2.1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Certification and the ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification.

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ezPay Co., Ltd. is a compliant mobile payment services company, holding an electronic payment license issued by the government. The company provides domestic online and offline payment services, as well as cross-border payment services, enabling overseas consumers to use Alipay and WeChat for payments at partner stores in Taiwan.

Additionally, ezPay has introduced an all-in-one swipe terminal service, "ezAIO." This service not only accepts a wide range of payment methods at physical stores but also offers various value-added services to expand payment applications. The comprehensive services provided by ezAIO empower stores to transform into superstores by creating more sales opportunities.

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