MyCard, launched by Soft-World, provides the most thorough payment and marketing service for game publishers. Over 80% of mobile games listed on the top-50-grossing charts in Taiwan are partnering with MyCard, and these games are well-known in Korea, Japan, the USA, and other countries.

MyCard has coordinated with all franchise convenient stores in Taiwan, and established physical and online channels to build a wide-ranged distribution network. We also provide multiple payment gateway in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. We are striving to become the most comprehensive third party payment option in Chinese-speaking areas.

While MyCard has been dedicated in the gaming market for years, we have formulated localized and customized marketing strategies for numerous famous game titles. The core value of MyCard is to provide the best end-to-end service, encompassing game publishing, payment, and marketing solutions. Everything related to game publishing is MyCard’s concern. My games, my apps, MyCard mind the best.

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e-PLAY, the most extensively utilized digital points and product sales platform throughout Taiwan, possesses both online and offline distribution channels. We collaborate with nearly ten thousand affiliated merchants, including computer retailers, telecommunications shops, department stores, bookstores, internet cafes, hypermarkets, chain supermarkets, and more, making it the platform with the largest number of physical stores in Taiwan. This enables our users to conveniently purchase a variety of digital products, such as game points, in-game virtual treasures, and prepaid cards.

We also cooperate with game publishers who can leverage the advantages of e-PLAY, including the large-scale sales channels and the rich in-store promotional resources, to organize marketing events, enhancing exposure for their game products. Furthermore, we are continuously expanding the reach of e-PLAY services to provide users and game publishers with better and more enriched offerings.

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MyCard Bonus

The MyCard Bonus App serves as a supplementary service for game publishers partnering with MyCard. It aims to augment the visibility of their gaming products by enabling players to engage with the newest and trending game trials, while also incentivizing them with rewards for daily participation.

Moreover, this app is advantageous for gamers, as they can exchange bonuses from the MyCard Bonus APP not only for virtual goods in the games they are interested in but also for various coupons, and even make small charitable donations.

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Soft-World Music Multimedia Center

Soft-World Music Multimedia Center, at the forefront of this industry for over 30 years, is staffed by an outstanding game music production team, comprising music producers, composers, sound designers, and recording specialists. We also cooperate with professional orchestras and musicians, enabling us to create high-quality music across various genres for diverse projects, including games, music videos, advertisements, and micro cinema.

In our high-spec recording studio, we have one large and six small recording rooms, catering to the needs of recording different instruments and vocal parts either synchronously or separately, based on specific requirements. This setup enables the completion of singing, playing, and recording in a single session.

We provide services to renowned companies such as NetEase Games, MadHead and Pili International Multimedia while also producing music for worldwide famous games like "Onmyoji", "Harry Potter:Magic Awakened", and "Tower of Saviors".

Our goal is to create exceptional, appreciable music to deliver a more refined and vivid audiovisual experience.

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Charisma Design

Charisma Design, a sub-brand under the Soft-World Group with extensive experience in providing comprehensive event planning solutions, including exhibition design, execution, and curation, is the designated long-term partner for clients worldwide.

We have successfully planned over 650 events in collaboration with more than 130 business partners. Our clients span various industries, including gaming, anime, semiconductor, solar energy, grocery brands, technologies, healthcare, and hospitality.

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Gamexpress is a reputable gaming media in Taiwan, providing the latest and most popular domestic and international gaming news with in-depth analysis from a professional perspective. It daily delivers the latest gaming news through video platforms like YouTube, LINE Today, Yahoo TV, MOD. Their news content coverage spans various types of gaming content, including online games, mobile games, home consoles, cloud gaming, AR, VR. Additionally, they offer exclusive reports from major gaming expos, in-depth features, interviews with game producers, and gameplay preview livestream.

Gamexpress also produces and distributes a physical monthly magazine, exclusively available at 7-Eleven stores on the 1st of each month, making it the only gaming magazine in Taiwan. Its main focus is on the most popular games and ACG-related information of the time, catering to a wide range of young audiences in the realm of entertainment.

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